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"We have been extremely satisfied with the performance of your Temperature Differential Monitors (TDM). They are a remarkably cost effective on-line diagnostic tool. These devices fit right into our maintenance practice of on condition monitoring whenever and wherever possible!"

- Senior Maintenance Specialist

"A recently installed TDM worked well in alerting us to a potential LTC failure at Monroe Bank 1. The TDM alarmed, alerting us that the LTC compartment was 1 degree hotter than the main tank. We found heavy carbon deposits in the tap changer compartment. The TDM probably prevented an outage and failure of the LTC. The TDM systems are a cost effective way of monitoring the condition of the tap changer. They not only reduce failures and outages, but also reduce unneccessary maintenance. In addition, the importance of tap changer temperature monitoring has been recognized as a money saver and one way of improving reliability. Installing the TDM system is in line with this thinking."

- Substation Superintendent

"Fremont is a critical substation in the Bay Area. The TDM alarmed on a McGraw Edison type 55BL 1800 amp tap changer. By the time a crew arrived to inspect the LTC, there was a 45 Degree C temperature differential betweem the main tank and the LTC compartment. The LTC was found to be frozen off step. We feel confident the TDM system prevented a major failure and power outage to the city of Fremont.

The TDM system has prevented several major LTC failures in our system. We have added the TDM system to our Reliability Centered Maintenance Program."

- System Grid Maintenance Specialist

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